▷ 👻 Why can Mieruko chan see ghosts ?

Miko has the function of seeing spirits, even powerful ones that are invisible to other media, with complete clarity. However, he cannot see very powerful spirits, although he can see their effects. 


why can mieruko-chan see ghosts


This ability is active again and again, which is why he constantly sees spirits in his daily life and, thanks to their terrifying appearance and menacing demeanor, he repeatedly fears for his story. She allowed herself to realize that if she didn't recognize them, the spirits wouldn't bother her, so she had to remain steadfast and unshakable in the face of supernatural horrors, though her activities would crumble once she felt safe.


Sypnosis: She can see dead people... you choose to ignore them. That's Miko's project, by all means, but it doesn't seem to be working for her in this love letter to the horror genre that will send shivers down her spine and sometimes tickle her bone.


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