⭕️ Best chinese anime series ( Donghua ) of 2020 according to Bilibili users - The most popular donghuas

⭕️ Best chinese anime series ( Donghua ) of 2020 according to Bilibili users

 Most popular Donghua of the year 2020

The daily life of the immortal king 

Xian Wang de Ri Chang Sheng Huo )

Synopsis: Wang Ling has developed incredible abilities from an early age. However, in order to lead an ordinary life, she decides to limit her powers in a talisman. Unfortunately, her sweet daily life is threatened when she has to participate in a competition when she enters high school.

 National Creation - Donghua Year Theme of the Year 2020

Wu Shan Wu Xing ( The fog hill of the five elements )

Synopsis: A legend tells that, a long time ago, monsters could give certain chosen ones the ability to master the five elements. But to do so, they have to cross the dangerous mountains of fog. Follow the adventures of one of these chosen ones.

Creation - Donghua National Innovation of the Year 2020

Wo de san ti zhi zhang beihai chuan

Synopsis: The story takes place in a span of history from the near future to two hundred years later, where Earth's civilisation is blocked by the Triumvirate with a super-technology called the Homunculus, so basic research is at a standstill. However, humanity still needs to build on this foundation to defend itself and human civilisation from the Triumvirate's impending attack. Generally speaking, both the tribe and human civilisations are hunters in a dark forest, carefully protecting themselves and cleaning up after each other, fighting for the survival of civilisation.

Male users' favourite donghua

 Shaonu qianxian renxing xiao juchang

Girls’ frontline )

Synopsis: They are invincible warriors on the battlefield
 but they are cheerful and active in the bedroom.

Female users' favourite donghua

Tian guan ci fu 

Heaven Official's Blessing )

Last, but not least Luo Xiaohei Zhan Ji, congratulations to the current 
" King of the Pigeons ", how old are you?

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