▷ ❤️️ MY DRESS UP DARLING ( Sono bisque doll wa koi wo suru ) Episode 1 : REVIEW

 MY DRESS UP DARLING ( Sono bisque doll wa koi wo suru ) Episode 1 : REVIEW


  Sono bisque doll wa koi wo suru : Storyline


The story is about Wakana Gojou , a teenager who likes to make dolls and aspires to become a teacher. He doesn't quite fit in with the people in his class. One day he meets Marin Kitagawa, a popular girl who is the centre of his class circle. The two of them have a secret they didn't expect and they become intertwined. The first episode of the romance anime hooks you in and it is only natural that such a good plot has a great flow.

Those who are not satisfied will naturally go to the my dress up darling manga. That's why the manga has become an instant hit with tens of thousands of people.



sono bisque doll wa koi wo suru episode 1


Sono bisque doll wa koi wo suru : Characters are lovely

Wakana Gojou is a tailor who is able to do all kinds of household chores, cooks well and prepares lunch for Marin Kitagawa every day, is a serious craftsman, considers the position and situation of the other party, cries to finish Kitigawa's clothes even if it is painful to do so and is responsible in the logistics of the protagonist's work.

Marin Kitagawa is prepared to be the proactive, sunny and hot girl of the anime . Her strongest point is her ability to take action, she is an otaku and optimistic girl surrounded by many friends and contacts. Although she doesn't have as many advantages as the male protagonist, the charm of the female protagonist alone would sink most otaku. The protagonists are ready to complement each other and are attracted to each other's strengths.



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