▷ 🔥 The Successor of Initial D 'MF Ghost' CV animated 2022 ! Toyota 86 GR VS Alpine A110S

The manga "MF Ghost", the successor to Initial D, will be adapted into a TV anime in 2023. In addition, a visual teaser of a "TOYOTA 86" driving at full speed and a special PV with realistic driving sounds have been released.

The visual teaser released to commemorate the decision to adapt the manga into a TV anime in 2023 shows a racing battle scene in which protagonist Kanata Rivington's car, the TOYOTA 86, travels at full speed, with rival Alpine A110S and GT-R cars in the background. The film shows a scene in which a racing battle takes place.

The film is set in the future of Initial D, at a time when automated car driving is widespread, where the "MFG" car race is held and part of the public road exists as a venue for legal closed-circuit racing. The image also shows a public road in the background.


In the PV special presented alongside the visuals, the sound recording was made with real cars to faithfully represent the "sound", which is one of the important elements in the representation of the cars in the animation adaptation of this work. Each car featured in the film reflects the sound of the actual recording.

The realistic engine sound of the TOYOTA 86, as well as that of rival cars such as the Lamborghini Huracan and Ferrari 488 GTB, enhance the power of the CG cars in the racing scenes. Real sounds and sound effects of the cars featured in the animation are also planned to be used in the future, making it a must-see animation for fans of the cars and the original story.

Trailer CV 2022 Anime MF Ghost : Toyota 86 GR VS Alpine A110S


The final volume 13 of the original MF Ghost manga is scheduled for release on 6 January 2022, with more information expected for the 2023 broadcast.


MF Ghost" is a manga series by Shuichi Shigeno that has been serialised in "Young Magazine" since 2017. It is set in the near future of the popular manga "Initial D", which Shigeno serialised in "Young Magazine" from 1995 to 2013 and depicted the "fastest legend on public roads", and features car racing battles on real public roads. The total number of copies sold has exceeded 3.2 million.


Source :  response.jp