▷ ✅ Is Crunchyroll Premium Worth It 2022 ?

 Crunchyroll, part of WarnerMedia, features a huge anime collection. With a Crunchyroll premium strategy, you can watch new episodes one hour after they air in Japan, enjoy unlimited access to ad-free anime, read hundreds of chapters in dozens of manga titles, and save on discounts in stores. Some of the most popular anime titles on Crunchyroll are My Hero Academia, Naruto, The Fate Series, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, The Perfect Insider, Toradora!, Flying Witch and more.


 Crunchyroll has 3 plan options after a 2-week free trial:

  •  The FAN at $4,90/month
  •  The MEGA FAN (1-Month) at $6,38/month
  •  The MEGA FAN (2-Month) at $63,86/month

 Learn more about Crunchyroll's premium plans here!

Source: Crunchyroll