▷ 🟢 How many episodes does swallowed star have ? 🟢 - donghua series 2021

 🟢 How many episodes does swallowed star have ? 🟢

the swallowed star how many episodes

The donghua Swallowed star will have 26 episodes .

Swallowed star is an adaptation of a fantasy novel serialised by platinum writer in 2010. The main story is that after the RR virus of unknown origin erupts on earth in the future, animals will turn into terrible monsters due to the virus and humans will face destruction. In order to prevent the extinction of civilisation, humans developed technology to build fortifications, and under extreme circumstances, humans have appeared in humans with enhanced physical functions and mutated to fight monsters; and the protagonist, Luo Feng, as a quasi-warrior with great potential, overcome my own practice and talent are on the way to become stronger.

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