▷ 🔰 How / Where to watch chinese anime online for free ? 🔰

🔰 How / Where to watch chinese anime online for free ? 🔰 

How to watch chinese anime / donghua online ?

Chinese animation is beginning to spread this 2021 through media such as youtube or websites. Today we will tell you where to watch Chinese anime for free ( donghua ) and where to watch it legally. In first option we can watch it on the platform IQIYI which offers donghua series in several languages . You can also watch Chinese anime ( donghuas ) online on Bilibili's youtube channel known as Anime Made By Bilibili with English subtitles [ ENG SUB CC ] .

Also Netflix has a donghua series called Scissor Seven with 2 seasons and Funimation bought the license of tian guan ci fu although this series was available for free from Bilibili in English and on their youtube channel. At the moment the Chinese industry is expanding slowly and it will take some time to bring subtitles in some places.

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