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 ⭕️ Is fog hill of the five elements on crunchyroll ❓ 

wu shan wu xing on crunchyroll

Currently this donghua called the fog hill of the five elements or also known as wu shan wu xing has no official English or Spanish translation or Japanese dubbing and has only 3 episodes which means it has little chance of being released on crunchyroll which is a platform to watch mainly Japanese animation known as anime. Although it is possible that within 1 or 2 years some company like Netflix, Funimation , Amazon or even crunchyroll acquire the license in the future.

Synopsis - the fog hill of the five elements : A legend tells that, long ago, monsters could give certain chosen ones the ability to master the five elements. But to do so, they have to cross the dangerous mountains of mist. Follow the adventures of one of these chosen ones.

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