▷ 🔥 Definitive guide to the characters of the Chinese anime Zuihou by Zhaohuan Shi ( The Last Summoner ) - Donghua Series 2021

 🔥 Definitive guide to the characters of the Chinese anime Zuihou by Zhaohuan Shi ( The Last Summoner )

All Chinese anime information about the characters of the last summoner 

the last summoner characters

Name: A jie
Faction: Watcher
Constellation: Libra
Date of birth: 10.01
Age: 16 years old
Personality: Quiet and calm, inherited his parents' leadership qualities (actually, he was originally just a sullen guy who wanted a quiet life and was afraid of trouble...)
Blood type: A
Height: 175cm
Weight: 60 kg
Favourite colour: Sky blue
Favourite food: Mum's food
Favourite people: Mum and dad
Hobbies: Cooking, classical music
Dislikes: Fighting, loud music
Mantra: Fighting and killing is the least fun
First appearance: 1st story, Contract 01
Ability: Summoning Dora, the valkyrie and her legendary weapon
His parents disappeared when he was a child, and he was left to fend for himself until he could live on his own. He wanted to live a quiet life but a bowl of ramen awakened the sealed goddess Dora and forced him into the world of summoners. After experiencing many battles with his fellow summoners, A jie realises that nothing can be a coincidence...

Name: Dora
Faction: Watcher
Constellation: Pisces
Birthday: 3.17
Age: 3,000,000 years
Personality: Brave, and cute~
Blood type: Unknown
Height: 50~170cm
Weight: 15kg~49kg
Measurements: 30 30/96 66 96
Favourite colour: Pink
Favourite food: A jie's bone broth ramen
Favourite person: A jie (too embarrassed to say it out loud)
Hobby: Eating, eating and eating
Dislikes: Birthdays (because it reminds me of being an old lady)
Mantra: I'm hungry again...
First appearance: 1st Story Contract 01
Ability: mobile arsenal, awoke from a long slumber with many lost abilities and memories after being accidentally summoned by A jie on March 17, 2015. Although she appears saintly and beautiful in appearance, she is a demon-goddess who destroys heaven and earth at will. She tends to have a two-headed loli appearance most of the time and claims to be in energy-saving mode.

Name: Hana
Faction: Watcher
Constellation: Scorpio
Birthday: 11.11
Age: 14 years old
Personality: exaggerated, arrogant
Blood type:A
Height: 170cm
Weight: 47kg
Height: 92 60 92
Favourite colour: Light green
Favourite food: Mint herbal tea, actually anything vegetarian is fine
Favourite person: Grandpa
Hobbies: Crime novels (actually, I secretly write them myself)
Dislikes: fluff (meow?)
Mantra: ...
First appearance: 2nd story Hana Hana01
Abilities: summons roses, man-eating flowers, tree people... A young aristocrat with the power to summon plants, she was born with a heavy mission. The ancient castle where she lives with her grandfather is actually a secret meeting place of the Watcher's Alliance organisation.

Name: Meow Wu
Faction: Watcher
Constellation: Leo
Birthday: 8.15
Age: 12 years old
Personality: Usually a cute and mischievous girl, when she gets angry she is like a fierce lion.
Blood type: O
Height: 160cm
Weight: 43kg
Measurements: 81 60 86
Favourite colour: Orange
Favourite food: Salt swordfish
Favourite person: Oni-san
Hobbies: Sunbathing, having his head touched
Dislikes: Water
Mantra: Meow~
First Appearance: 3rd story Meow! Independence Day! 01
Ability: An animal summoner with the power to summon beasts, able to talk to animals, can bestially transform into animal form when fighting. Main body is a white cat, with a low IQ but also quite high IQ. To facilitate communication with her partner, she often transforms into a cat form with ears and a tail.

Name: Sitan
Faction: Watcher
Constellation: Sagittarius
Date of birth: 12.13
Age: 14 years old
Personality: Eccentric, cunning geek
Blood type: AB
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 45kg
measurements: 60 60 60
Favourite colour: Pink
Favourite food: Kimchi noodles
Favourite person: Myself
Hobbies: premieres, hand gifts, games, anime, being a transvestite
Dislikes: anything boring, including men's clothes and heterosexuality
First appearance: 5th story Frankenstein 01
Abilities: The power of electronic summoning. Includes superhuman hacking abilities and mechanical shapeshifting abilities.
Homoerotic trash manga artist with the pseudonym Oshu Pulp, techno-geek, hacker, pseudo-geek and cyber-summoner. After awakening, he is addicted to all information about summoners, with the ideal of seeking a new and interesting life and a weak sense of right and wrong. Currently fighting with Jai in the Crucible of Demons, addicted to him.

Name: Huan xin
Nationality: unknown
Faction: Destroyer
Constellation: Capricorn
Birthday: 1,1
Age: Unknown
Personality: Calm, cocky, determined
Blood type:O
Height: 170cm
Weight: 60kg
Favourite colour: Black
Favourite food: Sweets
Favourite person: A jie's father (What?)
Hobbies: Lego (Doppelganger series)
Dislikes: Green peppers
First appearance: Chapter 4 Last Supper 04
Abilities: Presumed to be able to absorb spirit power and summon spirits, he once summoned a giant Shinigami to absorb Grandpa Hana's spirit power. He is currently the leader of the Destroyers, leading the team to be very active in collecting summoned spirits and being able to summon from Dora's awakening with powerful abilities and a unique expression of emotion for his partner.

Name: Fei Ying ( Himiko )
Nationality: Japanese
Faction: Destroyer
Constellation: Aquarius
Birthday: 2,14
Age: Unknown
Personality: Yin, Cold
Blood type:A
Weight: 46kg
Height: 88 62 86
Favourite colour: Dark
Favourite food: Cold food
Favourite person: Huan xin! Huan xin!!! Huan xin!!!!
Hobby: Sneaking a peek at someone's shadow and gawking at them
Dislikes: The day
Catchphrase: Sayonara
First Appearance: Chapter 4 The Last Supper 04
Ability: A ninja girl who controls, fuses shadows and has extraordinary sword skills. A cold-blooded assassin who appears in the shadows. Essential killing techniques: Dark Shadow Blade, Shadow Attack, Shadow Split.  Currently prepared to die in a fight with Richard.

Name: Yang Qiang
Nationality: former Soviet Union suspect
Faction: Destroyer
Constellation: Aries
Birthday: 4.14
Age: unknown
Personality: fiery, violent, like a queen
Blood type: B
Size: 98 66 96
Favourite colour: Red
Favourite food: Bloody Mary
Favorite people: Her late father, a big man with a Tohoku or Kansai accent.
Hobbies: Heavy firearms, sexy lingerie
Dislikes: Anything with rules
Catchphrase: Fire!
First Appearance: Chapter 4 Last Supper 04
Abilities: Elemental-type summoner, can enhance and control the gunpowder of firearms, and can summon mechanical spirits for ranged combat.

Name: Liekong
Nationality: German
Faction: Destroyer
Constellation: Virgo
Birthday: 9.10
Age: Unknown
Personality: cautious and organised, doesn't care much about many things
Blood type: B
Height: 147cm
Weight: 37kg
Height: 74 56 78
Favourite colour: White
Favourite food: Black tea in the afternoon and soft drinks
Favourite person: Unknown
Hobbies: Bicycle rides, picnics
Dislikes: Everything that has no rules
First appearance: Chapter 4 The Last Supper 04
Skills: Space summoner, specializing in space slicing, space teleportation, space barriers and boundary creation.

Name: Menyang
Nationality: French
Faction: Destroyer
Constellation: Gemini
Birthday: 6,1
Age: Unknown
Personality: sometimes cheerful, sometimes sad, unpredictable
Blood type: AB
Height: 183cm
Weight: 65kg
Favourite colour: Grey
Favourite people: None
Hobbies: Sleeping
Dislikes: Morning sun, rooftops
First appearance: Episode 4 The Last Supper 04
Abilities: Mind Summoner. Has the ability to put people into a nightmarish state and thus mentally control them.

Name: Ya
Nationality: unknown
Faction: Destroyer
Constellation: Cancer
Birthday: 7.13
Age: Unknown
Personality: introverted, few words, extremely cold
Blood type: AB
Height: 187cm
Weight: 68kg
Favourite colour: Gold
Favourite food: Meat
Favourite people: Unknown
Hobbies: Stuffed animals and shiny things
Dislikes: Cilantro
First appearance: Episode 4 The Last Supper 04
Abilities: summons a flock of crows, bestial transformation, uses bone blades, animal-based summoner Supposedly his true form is a crow?
He is said to be Meow's brother.

Name: Li ( Mo duo )
Nationality: Chinese
Faction: Destroyer
Constellation: Unknown
Date of birth: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Personality: Simple, Loyal
Blood type:B
Favourite colour: White
Favorite food: A-hwa's lunch
Favourite person: A flower
Hobby: flower arrangement, tea ceremony
Dislikes: Scarlet
First appearance: Episode 4 The Last Supper 03
Abilities: Earth elemental summoner. Summons Stone Armor to make his body huge, with enhanced attack and defense power, additional berserk attributes.
Possessed by a parasitic spirit at a young age, his parents died and he was later imprisoned by an entire village as a monster. After witnessing the tragic death of his beloved, the parasitic spirit took over and massacred the entire village.

Name: Bang ni
Faction: Neutral
Profession: Official Guardian of the Devil's Crucible, Guide, Security
Constellation: Aries
Birthday: 4,1
Age: Unknown
Personality: Normally polite and smiling but actually grumpy and very skilled in martial arts.
Blood type: A
Height: 165cm
Weight: 45KG
Measurements: 92 62 92
Favourite colour: Purple
Favourite food: Chocolate with rum
Favourite person: Unknown
Hobby: a little wine
Dislikes: Carbonated drinks
First appearance: Chapter 08: Devil's Melting Pot 04
Skills: Explosive kick: Walks at high speed and moves instantly Red note: Throws a note, silencing the enemy and leaving them physically immobilized. Demon Heels: Can easily cut a human body with a knife from its foot.
She can be seen throughout the Devil's Crucible arena and there are said to be a total of 100 identical looking Bonnies. Opinions vary as to whether these are multiples, clones or shadow doubles.

Name: Li cha de 
Faction: Neutral
Profession: Merchant
Constellation: Taurus
Birthday: 5,8
Age: Unknown
Personality: Cunning, very cunning, "old driver".
Blood type: AB
Height: 180cm
Weight: 67kg
Favourite colour: Yellow
Favourite food: Secret drink of the devil's melting pot
Hobbies: Counting money and gambling~
Dislikes: Lying, cheating
First Appearance: Chapter 08, Devil's Melting Pot 05
Ability: "Equivalence", a summoner who can change the form of matter and energy.A traveling merchant with a cunning mind and a knack for deception, a regular visitor to the Devil's Melting Pot, he swindles a lot of money from first-timers, 
Jie and his group seem to be helped a lot later.

Name: Hiro
Faction: Neutral
Profession: Draughtsman
Constellation: Taurus
Birthday: 4,27
Age: 51 years old
Personality: Pure adrenaline, middle-aged, ghostwriter
Blood type:A
Weight: 59KG
Family:Wife Kumiko, son
Favourite colour: Black and white
Favourite food: Curry and rice
Favourite person: Kumiko
Hobbies: Mahjong, video games, procrastination, psychic research (too much...)
Dislikes: Rushing, anything to do with the editorial team
Debut: chapter 9 Endless Trial 01
Abilities: A summoner of transformations who can manifest manga .Popular Japanese manga artist known for his indefinite delays in writing. After becoming famous, he lost his passion for life. After losing his passion for life, his son's unintentional drawings rekindled his motivation and he went to the Devil's Crucible, where summoners belong to compete.

Name: Tiao shi baobei
Faction: Neutral
Profession: Cartoonist
Nationality: Chinese
Constellation: Gemini
Date of birth: 06.16
Age: 14 years old
Personality: busty, simple, cute zombie girl
Blood type:AB
Weight: 45kg
Measurements:96 60 90
Favourite colour: basalt
Favourite food: Boiled dumplings
Mantra: Bad omen! Lord Taishang must show himself!
Hobbies: Drawing divination sticks
Dislikes: Peach wood swords, garlic, peach trees, crosses
Debut: The Endless Trials 01 in Story 9
Skills: Being a Ghost Daoist, she has the ability to summon corpses and bones. She can even summon the ancient spirits that died in the battle of the Crucible of Demons Tournament. The technique of the nine "All who fight are at the head of the army" is very powerful. She has no father or mother since she was a child and as a child she had "spirit pupils" that allowed her to see ghosts and monsters but she has no friends and always befriends ghosts and monsters. She is afraid of life and lacks self-confidence so she always uses amulets to cover her face but under the amulets she has a beautiful face.

Synopsis: A talented young cook's encounter with a hungry girl who appears in his kitchen changes his ordinary life forever. Dora, a summoned spirit and a very pretty goddess, now calls him master. However, he is not at all interested and tries his best to stay away from the ghostly figure. As fate would have it, when he accidentally becomes a summoner, there is no turning back.

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