▷ 🔴 Where to watch shi yi chang an ming yue ji shi you ( memories of chang'an ) 🔴 - donghua series 2021 ?

 🔴 Where to watch shi yi chang an ming yue ji shi you ( memories of chang'an ) 🔴 

where to watch memories of chang'an

You can watch shi yi chang an ming yue ji shi you ( memories of chang'an ) on the youtube channel Anime made by Bilibili for free but you will have to watch it later in this case or buy a subscription to watch it earlier.

Synopsis - season 2 : I am Li Mingyue, and my husband is Li Qian, the ninth prince of the Great Tang. Our union was purely a political marriage that came about as a result of the alliance between the Great Tang and Shiyue. We both loathed each other and appeared to be at odds, but after six months together, we actually grew fond of each other. But just when I was sweetened by the arrival of love. A new problem came when my childhood friend and older brother, Yun-san, wanted to intervene with a third party. What's worse, I found out that all my encounters in the previous six months were related to the Tang's sworn enemy Nanlu and the coveting of the future throne by the Tang princes. ...... Facing the new crisis, what will be the future of Li Qian and me? How will we work together to fight the conspiracies and challenges that are trying to tear us apart and overthrow the country?

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