▷ ⭐ Anime Expo Toronto & Canada: limited edition 2021 - 2022

Anime Expo Toronto & Canada: limited edition 2021 - 2022


With the immense popularity of anime all around the world, a massive and unbreakable fanbase has been created over the years. The anime fans from all around the world hold anime conventions in their respective regions and such events are not to be missed by the hardscore anime fans at all. Such events are called “Anime Cons” or “Anime Expo”.

In Canada, an event called “Anime North” or “Fan Expo Canada” is held every year for the anime fans to gather together and have fun with each other. However, there was no Anime North Expo in 2020 and went virtual because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. But there's good news for the anime fans living in Canada. There is going to be an Anime North Expo in Toronto in October 2021. The Expo will be held from October 22, 2021 to October 24, 2021. The location for the Anime North Toronto would be “Metro Toronto Convention Center”. So, this is something to be really excited about for the anime fans living in Canada!



fan expo canada: limited edition

What Happens at The Anime Expo Toronto ?


1- Panels are held almost in all the anime conventions and anime fans actively take part in. If you’re not aware of what a “Panel” means at Anime North Toronto, let us explain it to you. A panel is basically when a group of people who hold an important place in the Anime market are questioned by an interviewer and are encouraged to speak about the fandom and the questions mostly come from the audience.


2- Cosplays are one of the most exciting and interesting parts of Fan Expo Canada. The anime fans have the freedom to dress as any of the anime characters they love. It’s fun to see how creative and absolutely splendid their cosplays look. Enen though they’re just dressing up like their favorite characters for fun, there’s  still a serious competition going on between them. Cosplays alone make the whole Anime North Toronto experience extremely enjoyable.


3- You will notice a lot of professional photographers at the Fan Expo Canada : limited edition . They’re basically there for covering the whole event and also photograph the super talented Cosplayers.


4- Anime Merchandise is going to be literally everywhere in the Anime Expo Toronto. The fun part is that some of the merchandise available at the Anime Expo will be limited edition and exclusive to the specific Expo. It will not be found anywhere. So, make sure to save up for it!


5- This one is really exciting because who doesn’t love free stuff? Chances are that you will get free stuff including some promotional merchandise without any price tag on it. The free stuff includes some T-shirts, DVDs, figures and so on. Are you excited yet?


There is so much more to the Expo that you will experience on your own without us telling you about it. If you’re an anime fan and want to have a one in a million experience socializing with your fellow anime fans, cosplaying, getting your hands on limited edition stuff, then you must not miss the Anime Expo 2021!


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