▷ 👊 When will the season 2 of the anime Prison High School be released?

When will the season 2 of the anime Prison High School be released?


The animation studio , JC Staff Studio which created the first season of Prison School , has not made any new announcements about the second season of Prison School . It can be assumed that the anime is not in talks and will not be cancelled either.  


prison school anime season 2

Review Anime episode 1 :  Prison School

 The anime starts with the usual, a bit of an introduction and an opening. This opening is quite emphatic and features a song called 'Ai no prison', translated, Love for the prison. The series has a lot of ecchi touches that although they are already very explicit have some censorship over the original manga . The same goes for the gory scenes, in all of them you can fully appreciate what is going on, but they don't show it all 100%.

What has fascinated us about the series , apart from all the touches of humour and the colourful characters, is the wonderful animation work . It's taken care of down to the smallest detail, and not only that, but it also has a magnificent work in the field of lights and shadows. It has all the details well taken care of. 


 Trailer of Anime Prison School


( Video uploaded by a random internet user , if you want to see the original go to the official account ) 

What chapter does prison school anime end ?

Prison school ends with episode 12 and the OVA .


What is the age rating of the prison school anime? 


The rating of this anime series is for adults only .

List of full episodes of prinson school + episode OVA

  • The Peep Job
  • The Man Who Viewed Too Much
  • A Mighty Spurt
  • Take Me Out to the Sumoland
  • The School Is Number One Most Treacherous Man
  • Vengeance Is Hana's
  • Meiko's Delicious Restaurant
  • The Diary of Andre
  • Full of Bodily Fluids
  • It's a Bum-derful Life
  • Eryngii Brockovich
  • Good Morning, Prison!
  • Mad Wax OVA

List of Characters - Anime : Prison School

  1. Kiyoshi Fujino
  2. Takehito Morokuzu
  3. Shingo Wakamoto
  4. Jouji Nezu
  5. Reiji Andou
  6. Mari Kurihara
  7. Meiko Shiraki
  8. Hana Midorikawa
  9. Kate Takenomiya
  10. Risa Bettou
  11. Mitsuko Yokoyama
  12. Chiyo Kurihara
  13. Anzu Yokoyama
  14. The Chairman
  15. Mayumi Tanaka
  16. Satou
  17. Bitch
  18. Honey
  19. Mr. Important
  20. School Cleaner
  21. Spanking Shopkeeper

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