▷ When will chinese anime white snake 2 come out ❓ + release date - donghua series 2021

 Does white snake have part 2 ❓

The white snake 2 is scheduled for release this month .

when will white snake 2 be released

When will white snake 2 be released ❓

On 3 June, the Chinese anime film Baishe 2: Qing she jie qi released its planned trailer and has been confirmed to be released in cinemas on 23 July . As a sequel to the donghua film White Snake: The Origin , director Huang Jiakang and screenwriter Da Mao continue the story of its predecessor, recreating the millennial brotherhood of deep love and righteousness.

Latest chinese anime Trailer - Baishe  2 : Qing she jie qi  
( 2 season - 2 Chinese Anime Movie)

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