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  Is crunchyroll banned in china ❓


Crunchyroll is probably banned in china for immoral anime like gore or +18 or similar. Although it can be accessed through browsers like baidu but there are probably certain types of anime banned as mentioned above.


why does china ban anime


Why does china ban anime ❓

If I had to label Chinese animation, I think many people would choose the term "exceptionally strict censorship". A normal animation, such as "The Seven Heroes of the Rainbow Cat and the Blue Rabbit", was banned, and a safe animation , such as "The Nice Goat and the Big Wolf", was rectified, which shows that China's animation censorship system is very strict.

The reason why China's animation censorship system is so strict has a lot to do with the lack of a "classification system". Even if it is adult-oriented animation , it has to take care of children's feelings , which means a very strict screening system. If the rating system is so important, why doesn't China adopt a rating system?

The main reason why China has not adopted a phased system so far is that the workload for this project is simply too great. But with a population of more than 1.3 billion people, it is really difficult to implement. Moreover, even if a real name system is implemented, post-production management remains a problem. Inevitably, there will be multiple standards for animation classification , with multiple standards, it will take more manpower and physics to review them, since there are so many animation works in China every year, it will take even more time to review them once the classification system is adopted.

Faced with so many difficulties, the broadcaster is naturally reluctant to adopt a classification system.



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