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  does iqiyi have bl series ?


  IQIYI like other video platforms like Youku and Tencent Video will have a list of BL series on their app and the web both drama and Chinese anime although this type of romance drama is likely to be censored.


 does iqiyi have boys love series

 does iqiyi have bl series on netflix ?

Netflix may license IQIYI dramas at some point if they are interested.

Founded by Gong Yu on 22 April 2010, IQIYI or the Chinese neflix is an online video website that launched its IQIYI brand and a new logo on 26 November 2011. Since its inception, IQIYI has adhered to the company's philosophy of "Enjoying Quality" and has taken "user experience" as its mission, providing users with a clear, smooth and user-friendly viewing experience through continuous technological investment and product innovation.

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