▷ 🌌 what is bilibili world ? - 2021

what is bilibili world ? 


Bilibili world actually belongs to BML , held once a year, Bilibili offline exchange during the day, almost all the various UP owners of Bilibili area's, BML and divided into several series, respectively.

Bilibili Macro Link VR: Holographic Projection Concert: Holographic projection concert, including the famous online virtual singers from the V family such as Yanhe, Luo Tianyi and AI.


what is bilibili world 2021

 Bilibili Macro Link SP: Japanese singers in concert.
Held once a year, the daytime bilibili offline exchange includes almost all of the various UP owners of the B station area, a kind of themed show

BML is no longer an unfamiliar word to Bilibili users. As a brand of offline events since 2013, it has attracted a growing audience year after year and has become one of the most anticipated offline events of the summer for the majority of Bilibili culture lovers.



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