▷ 🔥 Where to watch chinese anime with english subtitles ❓ - donghua series 2021

 Where to watch chinese anime with english subtitles ❓ 


Where to watch chinese anime english subbed

 3 sites to watch Chinese anime

1.  Bilibili ( Youtube Channel  ) - 哔哩哔哩动画 Anime Made By Bilibili  


Bilibili adds new anime every 3 months like Japanese anime , so it is a good option to watch Chinese anime with English subtitles and you can also watch donghua for free while they are on ai .


Tencent Video ( We Tv )


 Tencent Video has chinese anime but they update less regularly and have fewer translated donghuas .


 IQIYI ( IQIYI international )


 Like tencent video it has few English series but is starting to expand into Chinese anime .


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