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 do you have to pay for iqiyi ❓ does iqiyi cost money ❓


Iqiyi is free but like most video platforms requires a subscription fee for better quality series or dramas such as girls planet 999 , a girl like me , a piece of your mind , a class of her own , a love for dilemma , a silent voice etc . The features included in IQIYI VIP are: number of devices, 1080P Blue-ray, advanced viewing and VIP content downloads.

does iqiyi cost money

does iqiyi have free trial ❓

Iqiyi has a one month free trial and then you will have to pay for a subscription or cancel it.


Founded by Gong Yu on 22 April 2010, IQIYI or the Chinese neflix is an online video website that launched its IQIYI brand and a new logo on 26 November 2011. Since its inception, IQIYI has adhered to the company's philosophy of "Enjoying Quality" and has taken "user experience" as its mission, providing users with a clear, smooth and user-friendly viewing experience through continuous technological investment and product innovation.


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